PRO vs Free

Learn about the differences between the Free and PRO versions of Life Steps.




Stay up-to-date with YL and your network

Free Resources

Access to our growing Library of articles and tools.

Social Media Resources

Free professionally created images to spice up your Social Media game!

1 Image Pack per month

💯 All Image Packs


Bite-sized collections of lessons to go deeper into topics important to you!


Receive Tasks based on your activity to help you stay on track with your YL Journey.


Import your Contacts from YL and add Prospects.

Contact Tasks & Workflows

Specialized collections of Tasks created for you for each Contact to help you keep everyone on track.

In-app Sharing

Quickly share Resources with any Contact in your Life Steps app with a few taps. Articles you share appear as webpages on YOUR website.

In/Out of Stock Notifications

Receive Push Notifications and Newsfeed items that tell you when products go in and out of stock.

PRO Resources

Expert created articles with even more in-depth knowledge about the topics important to you.

PRO Courses

Courses with even richer content, interviews with top YL leaders, and business-building principles to help you develop your YL product and business knowledge.


Your own super-simple website. Share you story, showcase events, and automatically be entered as your site visitors Enroller when they go to the YL sign-up page from your site.

Goals & Analytics

See important info about your business at a glance, or go deeper with detail views to understand your YL business at a whole new level.


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