Avast/AVG Warning

Some of our users who use Avast/AVG antivirus software may have seen a warning about Life Steps stating that it contains malware. It might have looked something like this...


We know this can be alarming, and we are working on sorting out this erroneous alert. But the bottom line is...

Life Steps is completely safe for your device.

"Why is this happening?"

We won't get too technical, but Life Steps uses a set of very common approaches to our code structure that are also commonly used to create malware.

In an effort to protect your device from dangerous software, AVG/Avast software looks for these indicators and automatically flags them as malware—even if the software may not be harmful.

They provide a way for every user to create exceptions to these rules, and when enough of them have done so, they will update their virus/malware database to ensure certain apps and websites don't trigger this alert after determining they are indeed safe.

We are still working with their team to complete this process for Life Steps, but in the meantime we can assure you there is no malicious or dangerous code for your device in Life Steps.

Many Other flagship apps are experiencing the same issue.

You can search for "AVG/Avast false positive malware warning" and find quite a list of other companies that have experienced similar issues—including Bank of America!

We know this alone doesn't alleviate all concern, but it can help to know that this is not an issue unique to Life Steps.

Our commitment to you.

The privacy and security of your private data is our top priority. We will never misuse your information, nor release software that will put your device at risk in any way.

We are working directly with AVG/Avast to ensure they can detect that Life Steps is completely safe to use and cease delivering these warnings.


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