How do I set up my website?

Congrats on your first step toward being a YL online mogul!

Setting up your Life Steps website only takes a few simple steps.

1. Navigate to your Website Management under "My Account" in the Life Steps app or in User Dashboard in your web browser.

In your Life Steps App:


In your User Dashboard:

Simply click the link below:


2. Fill in the primary fields.

  • This is the photo that will appear on the "ABOUT" page of your website.

  • This is the address your users will use to get to your website. Your address will be the full url created by adding your custom prefix to the web address. Let's say you put "example" in for your web address. Your website will be

    When you send your address to your site visitors make sure you DO NOT put "www" in front. The name you select (e.g. "example" in the address above) replaces the "www" portion of a typical web address.

  • This will be the phrase that appears at the top of your website on your homepage.

  • This is the smaller text below your site title that you can use to add a little more info about your YL business.

  • BIO
  • This is where you can talk all about your journey with essential oils, YL, or what makes your business special. Whatever you want! This content will show up on the "ABOUT" page.

  • Make sure your site visitors can find you on social media! Add your social network profiles here and when your site visitors click the icons on your website they'll go right to your profiles!


    You will need to enter the entire web address of your social profile for your site visitors to reach your profile correctly.

Thats it! Save your edits and send your website out into the world!


Still need help? Contact Support by following these steps.