APP UPDATE 1.1.0 - Your Task List is getting an Upgrade!


App Version: 1.1.0

(Be sure you have the latest version by checking the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.)

🙏 Thank you for all the great feedback we've received as we work on ironing out the kinks of the new app. It's been so encouraging to see the excitement, and helpful to hear how you use your Life Steps app and how we can make it a better tool for you.

v 1.1.0 Updates:

New Tasks

This week we will be adding many new Tasks you'll start to see as you use Life Steps.

Some of these are items you're used to seeing that needed a little work before being ready for the new app. Others are brand new! So be sure to check out the Task Details to see how completing these new items can help you!

Tasks for Checklist Items

The Contact Checklists help keep your important todo items for Contacts organized.

But we know that having to tap through every Contact to see if there is an important item is inefficient.

Now we'll put Tasks in your list to remind you of new and unfinished Checklist Items, and when you tap them you'll see a list of just the Relevant Contacts. You can tap each Contact to complete that particular checklist item until each Contact is complete, or you can come back later and pick up from where you left off. The Task will stay in your Task List until you complete it.



Coming back in this update! Track your progress and see how your team is performing. Get that boost of motivation to help you stay on track and grow your business!

Find it under your My Account screen.



Tap your Points sum in the My Account screen to view a breakdown of all the things that have earned you points.

Sharing Upgrade

Sharing is smoother and more reliable than ever. There were a few wrinkles to iron out upon release, but you should find your sharing experience bump-free from now on!

You can now share using text messaging right from the app!

Other Updates:

Contact Filter List is now scrollable

There are a lot of ways to filter your Contacts and other important content in your Life Steps app. Now you can see them all with a simple scroll. The dropdown menus for filtering now scroll seamlessly so you can get to the right grouping for the information your viewing.

Text/Call right from the Contact Details

If you tap the phone number on your Contacts details screen you'll see the option to text or call. Tap the one you wish to do to jump right to it.

Welcome Modal Fixes

Some user with largest text sizes had issues with popups on the Home Screen. Now Home Scre popups will be able to scroll so you can navigate them easily even if your text size is a little larger than normal.

Image Upload Fixes

The Profile Photos on your Life Steps Website are fixed so you can upload that new glamor shot without any issues from your dashboard or Life Steps app!

Downloadable images in courses

The Courses are great tools for learning. And now you can download the helpful imagery to have on your device for reference any time!

User Experience Improvements

You'll notice a lot of things running more smoothly and quickly. We've made some under-the-hood changes that make the app more efficient!