All about Goals/Anayltics

Goals, Analytics, and Leaderboard are all parts of the PRO Subscription. Learn more about the PRO features here: PRO Features.


Know exactly where your business is. And more importantly where it’s going.


GOALS consists of two components -- ANALYTICS and LEADERBOARD.

With these features, you can keep track of all kinds of data points to help you understand how your business is performing, make plans to grow your business, and track how those changes impact your effectiveness.



On the Analytics screen, you can see several important figures about your business, where those figures are today, and what they have been in previous months.

Each of the different metrics shows you the current value of that statistics, the value of that statistic the previous month, and a small arrow to get an at-a-glance overview of how each of these statistics compares to the previous month.



The leaderboard shows you your Life Steps points standings against others in your team and the Life Steps community as a whole. You can learn more about Leaderboard here: All About Leaderboard


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