All about Leaderboard

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

The Leaderboard tracks your activity in Life Steps and YL and assigns points to different Tasks and business building activities. Everything from sharing the Monthly Newsletter to your monthly OGV adds points to your monthly score.


Points are reset every month

You'll have a brand new start every month. Keep track of your previous scores and push yourself to earn even more this month. And don't forget...more points can often mean more business!


Understanding the Leaderboard



The default view shows the top 5 point-earners for this month and your position in the overall ranking.


Just like on the Contacts page, the dropdown filter will show you different groupings. You can see the Global leaderboard, your team's leaderboard, and both of these for the previous month.


View My Points Breakdown

Tap here to see all the items that you've completed that have earned you points.


Show Full Leaderboard

Tap here to see the entire leaderboard with every Life Steps user. This full list can also be filtered using the dropdown menu at the top.


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