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Personal Website

Every PRO subscription comes with a personal website expertly designed to help you convert those hopeful prospects into thriving members and much more. Let’s take a look.


For a look at an example website visit: to see one in action.

Expertly Created Content

Every website uses a professionally designed and written template with many customizable components so you don’t have to worry about creating everything yourself. The main sections of each homepage are aimed at providing fundamental information about essential oils and Young Living.


Automatic Downline Entry

At the bottom of the main page are a scrolling list of the starter kits. When a user selects a starter kit they are taken to the Young Living sign up page and your member ID is automatically entered as their sponsor as they go through the sign up process.


Personal Touch

Every website has an about section that you customize to share your story and passion for oils. Use this area to add that personal connection we all know is so important to your Young Living business.

Add your social network profiles. No more sending link after link after link to get connected with your network on social media. You can be sure everyone can find you easily just by clicking a button.



Have one central place your visitors can go to learn about all the events you’re hosting or promoting.

Events are easy to add, and you can add links to other sites like Facebook events pages, Eventbrite, and more so your network can find all the info they need.


Contact Page

Make it easy for your prospects and website visitors to reach you. With one simple contact form, you can rest easy knowing your visitors can always feel they can reach you.

There’s no complicated system to log into to view your messages. They automatically go to your email. Simple.


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