Can I add a Custom Bundle or Wellness Box?

Custom Bundles are an exciting new feature of the websites. They allow you to create bundles on your MyYL website that your team members and site visitors can purchase with a few clicks.


Can I make Custom Bundles on my Life Steps website?

Currently, Young Living does not provide a way for us to link directly to product—or bundle—pages and also ensure the visitor is associated with your account. Because of this we have opted to not allow the Personal Websites to showcase Custom Bundles.

We are discussing this with YL in an effort to enable us to build more integrated tools for the Personal Websites and implement those useful new tools and improvements in a future update.


You are able to use your MyYL website or you YL Referral link on your Life Steps website. By entering it in the "MyYL link" section of your website, the "Buy Now" button on your website will take your site visitors to your page.

As long as a site visitor lands on your page initially, they will be credited to your account.


What about Wellness Boxes?

If you visit Resources, and search "wellness box" you will see a wide variety of our curated collections of products aimed at helping specific areas of wellness. You can share this Resources with other or use them as a guide for yourself.

Currently, YL does not allow us to access the shopping cart on their website, so we are unable to provide a "add to cart" button or anything similar.

The product numbers for every product in the box are provided so you can add them to your cart from the YL website.


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