Can I use my own domain with my Life Steps website?

Yes! Though currently we only support "pointing" your domain—not "masking".

This means when someone types in your custom domain, they will be automatically redirected to your Life Steps website, but the address will be your Life Steps address and not your domain.


1. Find your Life Steps web address.

Navigate to your Life Steps website in your browser--either on your computer or on your phone. Look at the web address at the top in the address bar.


2. Copy this URL.

You will need to make sure you copy your web address EXACTLY as it appears in your web browser. Otherwise your site visitors will not reach your Life Steps website.


3. Ask the company your purchased your domain from to POINT your website to your Life Steps web address.

Be sure your domain host company understands you want to POINT to your Life Steps address—NOT MASK.

This means when someone navigates to your current web will automatically be redirected to They will now see your Life Steps address in the address bar—not your website address.


4. Enjoy!

Now you can sit back, relax, and watch your downline grow as people come from everywhere to your beautiful Life Steps site and join your network. Congratulations!


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