How Do I Unsubscribe/Resubscribe to Emails

We work hard to make sure our daily emails are a helpful resource for you, but understand that sometimes you may want to change your email preferences. Following the steps below you can see how to manage your email subscription preferences to make sure you are receiving the emails that you would like to:


1) Open an email from Life Steps and scroll to the bottom. Click on the link labeled “Unsubscribe Preferences”.

2) Once you click that you will see the screen below with toggle switches related to the types of emails you would like to opt out of. *Note: You are choosing the types of emails you want to opt out of, so “Yes” means you will not receive the emails and “No” means you will receive them*

3) After setting your preferences as you would like them to be, make sure to click the “Save Preferences” button and you will now be unsubscribed or resubscribed according to your preferences.

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