How To Videos: CONTACTS

Contact List

Get an overview of the Contact List and how the at-a-glance info can help you support your team.


Import Contacts

See how easy it is to import your YL team with just a few taps.


Add a Prospect

Learn how to Add Prospects to your Contact Lists.


Contact Tabs

Become familiar with the different tabs in each Contact in your list.


Completing Checklist Tasks

Learn how to interact with and complete Checklist Tasks.


Start a Contact Checklist

Contact Checklists are helpful collections of Tasks designed to help you support your Contacts at specific points in their YL journey.


Receive Tasks for a Contact

Make sure you are getting Tasks for Contacts you want to support.


Edit Contact's Details

You can update a Contact's details in case you have more up-to-date info from them.


Create a Contact Activity Note

Use Notes to keep track of interactions and important info concerning your Contact.


Delete a Contact

Remove a Contact from your list completely. Warning: this can not be undone.

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