I didn’t get points for a Task I completed


Make sure the points are for the individual Task and not a Course or collection of Tasks.

It can be easy to mix up whether points are assigned for an individual Task or as a part of a Course or series of Tasks. Check the Task in the Task list. You will see a point value in the subheading if this particular Task is worth points.


Some Tasks have aggregate point limits.

Some Tasks like "Share the Monthly Newsletter with Your Prospects!" have monthly limits on how many points you can earn. If you’re hustling there’s a good chance you’ve reached the limit on points. But don’t let that stop you!

Don’t forget! Points are fun and helpful, but the goal is to help you achieve growth in your YL journey!

Here are some common Tasks and their monthly point limits:



Make sure you completed the Task and didn’t “skip” it.

You can skip a Task by checking the box at the bottom of the Tasks detail screen. If you’re scrolling quickly it’s an easy mistake to make! To check if this is the case do the following:

At the bottom of your Task list look for "See Past Tasks".

Select "Recently Completed" and see if your Task is in the list.



If you did accidentally skip the task you can "un-skip" it easily. But if you don’t see the Task in your current Task List or your Completed List you will need to contact Support.


You can "un-skip" a Task by doing the following:

1. Scroll to the bottom of your Task List and locate the "Completed This Month" section.

2. Tap the Task you want to un-check to view the Task Details screen.

3. Tap the checkbox to un-check the Task. You will see it reappear in your current Task List.



Still need help? Contact Support by following these steps: CONTACT SUPPORT

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