I didn’t receive Subscription Reminder Tasks

There are a few reasons why you may not have received your Subscription Order reminder Tasks:


1. You don’t have Tasks turned on for the Contact in question.

You must have Tasks enabled for a Contact in order to receive Subscription Order reminders for them. To check this, first find the Contact in your Contact list. Tap their name to view the Contact Checklist.


At the bottom of the screen there is a toggle that reads "Receive Tasks for This Contact". Ensure it is switched on. You will know Tasks for this Contact are enabled when the switch is green.



2. The Contact submitted their order early.

A Contact can log in to their YL VO and submit their Subscription Order before their actual automated order date. In this case you will not receive a Subscription Order reminder for this Contact since we don’t want our Users to appear spammy. And there isn’t much point in reminding someone about an order they’ve already submitted!

We are working with YL to get this information ahead of time so we can create a corresponding notification for you when the order occurs.


3. The Contact cancelled their order before their recurring order date.

If a Contact decides to cancel their Subscription Order before we create the reminder, you will not receive an reminder Task. We are working with YL to get this information when the cancellation occurs so you can communicate with your Contact appropriately.


If you don’t receive a Subscription Reminder Task for either reason 2 or 3, we recommend simply politely asking your Contact about their order. Ask if they need recommendations on products for this month or if you can help in any other way. It’s ok to be proactive!


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