Is it ok to share the downloadable images?

We're thrilled you love our content and want to share it! Our guidelines for using the Life Steps App and Life Steps Content can be found in our Terms of Use.


Personal and Business promotional use is PERMITTED.

You are free to use the downloadable content in all personal use or business scenarios, such as promotion or education. You are free to use them on social media platforms and to share directly through messaging tools.

✅ Examples of permitted use:

Posting an image to your Instagram story to promote a back-in-stock product.

Posting an image to your FB feed and talking about a YL monthly promo event.

Copying the link to a Life Steps resource and posting it in your Instagram bio.


Modification is PERMITTED

✅ You may modify the downloadable content to fit your needs, provided they are within the guidelines outlined above.


Distributing for others to download and use is PROHIBITED.

We do not permit our users to distribute Life Steps content with others on any platform so the other individuals can then use the material for their personal or business use.

Any individual who wishes to use Life Steps content must acquire the content from the Life Steps app, and Life Steps users must direct others who wish to use the content to the Life Steps app to acquire it.

? Examples of prohibited use:

Posting all the downloadable images from a Resource in a gallery on your FB page for your friends to download.

Downloading and sending images to your team for them to post on their profiles.


⚠️Put simply:

Anyone who wishes to use the Life Steps downloadable content must acquire it from the Life Steps app directly.

Team leaders who wish for their team members to use Life Steps downloadable content, must point their team to the Life Steps app to acquire it.

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