My password isn't working

Life Steps uses the same login info as your YL Virtual Office. If you're having trouble logging in:


1. Make sure you are using your YL Member ID and the CURRENT password you use to log in to your YL Virtual Office.


2. Reset your password in your Virtual Office, wait a few minutes, then try to log into Life Steps using the NEW password.

Sometimes it takes a little while for YL to send us all of their most updated data. If you are a new YL member, try waiting a few hours and attempting to log in again.


3. Set up a unique password just for Life Steps.

If you want to maintain a separate password for Life Steps, or if you're having trouble logging into Life Steps (and you're already a user), navigate to, click on "Need Help Signing In?" and put your Member ID in.

Our system will email you a custom and unique password for your account, and you can use that to login to Life Steps. You'll still be able to use your Young Living password to log into Life Steps as well.


Still need help? Contact Support by following these steps: CONTACT SUPPORT


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