The ORDER button on my site goes to a blank page.


When a user clicks the “ORDER YOUR KIT” button at the bottom of your website they are taken to the YL website. We send your Member ID as a piece of data to the YL website that they use to automatically enter you as the new member’s Enroller and Sponsor.

Because of some issues with the YL website, occasionally the page your site visitor lands on has an error and is unable to display. This is unfortunately an issue with the YL website and something we do not have direct control over.

Unfortunately, once your site visitor leaves your website to go to the YL website we can not make any adjustments to what they see.

Temporary Fixes:

  • Ask your site visitors to use Google Chrome to view the website.

  • Ask them to view the website on their computer rather than their phone.

  • Send them the link to the YL Sign Up page if they are having trouble and have them enter your member ID manually during the sign up process.

We understand how important it is to have your website working properly. We know these aren’t perfect solutions, but we hope they can help in the interim while we work with YL to ensure this feature works perfectly.


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