What do I get with Pro?


The Pro subscription is $8.99/month.


PRO Resources + Courses

There’s even more great Resources available to our PRO users. Get access to lessons from top YL leaders, more in depth articles about your favorite products and more!





ALL Social Media Image Packs

We release one free Resource with Social Media Content every month. But we create a lot more! And with PRO you get access to all of it!







A Contact system designed for YL builders. Import Contacts directly from YL and add Prospects. Automatically receive Tasks for every Contact based on your shared activity and where they are in their YL journey.

With Life Steps Contacts, you’ll never be at a loss as to how to support your team.




Contact Checklists

Whether they are a long time YL Member or a Prospect, keep your Contacts on track with intelligently created and timed Tasks designed to help you keep your network on track and growing!




In/Out of Stock Notifications

Receive Push Notifications and Newsfeed Items when YL products go in and out of stock.





No need to copy and paste links over and over again! With a few taps you can Share Resources with your Life Steps Contacts right from the Life Steps app. And if they aren’t a Life Steps user, they’ll see the article on YOUR Life Steps Website!





Goals & Analytics

Knowing what’s happening in your business is key to making it thrive. View a variety of important business metrics at a glance or go into detail for even more insight.





The easiest Website you will ever set up. Receive messages, post your events, and share your story with anyone just by pointing them to your site.

AND when your visitors go to sign up for YL through your website, your member ID will automatically be entered as their Enroller and Sponsor!



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