What do the different colored dots mean in Contacts?

The dots indicate if a Contact needs attention.


We use a number of factors to determine the status of each Contact, including how many Checklist items are incomplete, how long it’s been since you interacted with the Contact, and if there are any really important items that need addressing.


Green: All good!

While you may still have Checklist Tasks you can complete, this Contact is in good shape, has been communicated with recently, and doesn’t have anything pressing you should tend to immediately.



Yellow: Could use some attention.

This Contact likely has quite a few Checklist Tasks that have been lingering for a while, or there may be one or more important Tasks that need to be addressed soon.



Red: Needs attention asap.

This Contact hasn’t been communicated for a lengthy period, has many Tasks that have been left unattended, and may have several important Tasks that haven’t been addressed.



Gray: No longer in downline or Tasks are disabled

If you see the note "No longer in downline" this means the Contact, while originally imported while in you downline, has moved and you are no longer supporting them.


If you see "Prospect" or YL info like PV and OGV, but the Contact is still gray, most likely you have Tasks disabled for this contact. You can enable them by tapping "Checklist", scrolling to the bottom, then tapping the toggle to enable Tasks.



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