Why are some of the boxes different/missing when I open the app?

The boxes on your Home Screen are generated automatically based on your activity, activity in your network, new content, and other factors.

For example, if you have Contacts that you haven’t reach out to in a while, you might see a box prompting you to check in on your Contacts. If all of your Contacts are up to date you won’t see that box.

If you feel something is missing you can always Contact Support.


You will always see the Newsfeed box. It allows you to jump to a live feed of all the important activity happening around Life Steps and Young Living.

My Monthly Tasks

You will see this prompt if there are important Monthly Tasks waiting to be completed. Tap the box to go to your Task list and begin knocking out those To-Dos.

People to Contact

If there are Contacts that need attention you will see this box pop up. Tap it to go to your Contacts list to see what needs to be done to keep your network up-to-date.

Continue Your Courses

If you have Courses you’re currently working on you will see this box. Jump back in by tapping it to go to your current Active Courses

Explore All Resources

When there are new or important Resources recently added you may see this prompt. Tap it to go to Resources and see what’s new.


Keep an eye out because you may see another new box with another piece of information. They will always indicate what kind of information they’re showcasing and what action will be performed if you tap.

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