Why can’t I see/import my entire downline?

1-on-1 Focus

Life Steps was built around the idea that 1-on-1 connections are the most effective and proven way to build a YL business.

Our leaders have found that these intentional connections improve the likelihood of an individual to sign up for YL and the likelihood they will stay engaged after signing up.



Some users want to share info with everyone in their downline at once. Because we don't allow the importing of the entire downline this is not an available feature. You can read more about this here: ‣

We have found that this approach to communication almost always feels "spammy" and is more likely to discourage Prospects and Members from participation than an individualized interaction.



Another common concern is receiving the Contact Tasks for your entire downline. Many users want to receive Tasks for everyone in their downline so they can ensure everyone is on track.


Quite simply, this would be overwhelming!


By focusing on Personally Enrolled and First Level Contacts Life Steps helps you focus on the individuals you are most likely to interact with.

Young Living puts an important focus on evenly distributing your downlines into different legs. Life Steps takes a similar approach.

We encourage our users to tell their downline members to use Life Steps for their YL journeys.

By doing this you can ensure all of your downline members are getting the same automatic guidance you are without you having to do the work yourself!

Life Steps aims to simplify your downline management by distributing the workload amongst all the members of your downline and by handling a lot of important communication for you.



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