All About Courses

All About Courses

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What are Courses?

Pocket-sized online classes, right in your pocket. Courses are collections of Tasks focused on deepening your understanding of a specific subject. Ranging in subject matter from oils to business development to personal growth, there is no shortage of these useful walkthroughs.

No need to Google.

No more aimless searching or wondering if that “expert” is actually an expert. Our Courses guide you step-by-step to a better understanding of what’s important to you. And rest assured, our experts aren’t just professional Googler’s. They’re seasoned professionals in the world of oils and Young Living.


Earn Points

Many of the COURSES have points associated with them. So you receive a nice little boost to your position on the LEADERBOARD in addition to growing your understanding of a certain subject.

What are the points for? Learn about GOALS.



Everyone likes a little reward when they’ve accomplished something. When you’ve completed a course you will see a special sticker on your account page. Keep completing courses and collect as many as you can!


Still need help? Contact Support by following these steps.