Holiday Catalog Launch!

Holiday Catalog Launch!


It’s a little more than one WEEK until one of our favorite Young Living moments each year - The Holiday Catalog launch!!!!


October 17th, get ready for beautiful gift sets, drool-worthy images, hopefully our yearly glimpse of Red Shot (please💞!), and usually a few surprises!

We will have all the details here in the Life Steps app so don’t stress about finding the information and getting it out to everyone. There will be graphics, Instagram stories, and all the info we can gather all in one spot for you! Plus, Young Living will be live-streaming a launch party and we’ll get that link to you as well!!

All you have to do.

🎄 Make sure you have downloaded the app. 🎁 Make sure your teams have downloaded the app. 📱 Make sure your app notifications are on (Learn how here:

). 🗓 Mark your calendar for October 17th. ☕️ Make a cup of hot cider. 💞 Head to your favorite team Facebook group, event, or to YL’s livestream if you want to discuss and cheer together!

🎉🎉 Prepare for EPIC GREATNESS!!!!!! 🎉🎉



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