All about Resources

All about Resources

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There's a RESOURCE for that.

Google can only get you so far. Whether you’re looking for an article to send a member, advice on good books to read for your business, or something to share on your social network profiles we’ve got you covered.


Oil Knowledge

Find recipes for oral, topical, and diffuser uses. Go deeper with specific products like Thieves and NingXia Red and others. Learn what makes them special and work the way they do. Discover new ways to use oils to improve your overall health and wellness. And find new ways to talk about the power of YL products with your network and prospects.

Business Knowledge

Though understanding oils is important we know it’s only a part of running a YL business. That’s why we have lots of content to help you learn everything you will need to know to build toward success. Learn about the YL levels and compensation plan, learn business principles through helpful guides and articles, receive monthly reading lists, and much more.

Business RESOURCES for your network

Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about your network. We have a library of helpful shareable resources you can send to the members of your network for a variety of purposes. Send new members articles about how to use their Virtual Office or how to unbox and understand their starter kit. Send our Monthly Newsletter or other recurring content to keep everyone up to date. Notify everyone about new products or new specials they can add to their ER orders.



Social Resources

Become a social media icon. Regularly receive beautiful custom-made social resources to keep your brand and business looking fresh and sharp. From Instagram and Facebook Story images to custom designed images for use with shareable articles your whole social media presence is about to get a major upgrade. Become the go-to account for your network to be up-to-date on new products, specials, useful facts, and other helpful snippets--there’s no shortage of great content. And all you have to do is download and share!

Help Center

There’s a lot to learn about YL oils and about running a YL business. But don’t worry! We’ve got a comprehensive library of articles, videos, links, and more here in the HELP CENTER so you always have a place to look for more knowledge.


If there's ever a topic you can't find an answer for you can always Contact Support.

Network Resources

But it doesn’t end there. Keeping your network up to date is a job in itself. We help there too! We regularly provide articles designed to be shared with your downline and prospects. Whether your members are mostly new, seasoned YL veterans, or anything in between we have guides, articles, and videos you can share to help with any issue at any level.

Wellness Boxes

Sometimes the amount of products and possibilities can be overwhelming. Don’t worry! Our team has created specially curated collections of products targeting specific wellness concerns. Wellness Boxes. Simple right? View or share a link to a Wellness Box and with the click of one button you or your network member can add that collection to their ER order. From cardiovascular health, to baby health, to women’s or men’s issue, to just stress you can find collections aimed at all kinds of health concerns.


Whatever you are looking to communicate with your network, chances are...

There's a RESOURCE for that!


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