Tasks Overview

Tasks are Todo items that help you stay on track with your oil knowledge, network management, and many other parts of YL life. We automatically create many of them based on your activity and expert-curated workflows (groups of related Tasks). Additionally, you can create your own.

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Important Screens

Task List
Task Details
New Task
Task History

All Task Help Articles:

Can I create my own Tasks?

Yes! From the Task screen tap the "+" icon in the top right corner. You can assign a due date and Contact to each Custom Task as well.

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Can I create my own Tasks?

Why do I not see any Tasks for my Contacts in my Task list?

They're still there! Don't worry. We noticed that the Task list could get a little overwhelming and even confusing with ALL of your Tasks in one place. So we moved Tasks related to a specific Contact to the Checklist for that particular Contact. You can see them by tapping on any Contact in your list then tapping "Checklist" at the top.

Can I turn off all Contact Tasks?

Yes. You can turn off Tasks for any individual Contact. Right now we do not support the ability to turn off all Contact Tasks at once.

Follow these steps to turn off Tasks for any Contact:

  1. Navigate to their name in your Contact list.
  2. Tap their name to view their Contact Profile.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and turn off the toggle that reads "Receive Tasks for Contact"

That's it! You will no longer receive Tasks for this Contact. But remember, it's important to help and support your Contacts with the YL journey and Contact Tasks can help you stay on track.

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Can I turn off all Contact Tasks?

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