I'm not receiving any Tasks for one of my Contacts


Most likely your Tasks are turned off for this Contact. You need to ensure they are enabled to receive Tasks. To turn them on:

1. Navigate to the Contact in your Contact list and tap their name to go to the Profile screen.



2. Scroll to the bottom and check if the toggle is green.

If it is gray your will not receive any Tasks for this Contact.

Simply tap it to start receiving Tasks for this Contact. You will see the toggle turn green.

Wait! Mine won't turn on!

This means you are not eligible to receive Tasks for this Contact. We have worked hard to make Life Steps as un-spammy as it can be. This means only one user can receive Tasks for any specific Contact.

How Contacts and Contact Tasks are assigned:

In order to receive Tasks for a contact you must either be the ENROLLER or the CLOSEST LIFE STEPS PRO USER IN THEIR UPLINE.


The Enroller will always have the option to receive Tasks for a Contact. If they turn them on, whoever was receiving these Tasks will no longer see them and will they're toggle switch will be disabled.


When a YL member joins the PRO subscription they are able to import Contacts. We then run a check to see if there are any Contacts that they are closer to them than the next highest PRO user. If there is, we add them to the new user's Contact list and enable Tasks for the new closer user.



Still need help? Contact Support by following these steps.