What's New

Welcome to the new version of the Life Steps App! Here is a look at some of the biggest changes to look out for.

Home Screen

Pick up where you left off with the new Home Screen! Easily check your News Feed, see contacts that need to be contacted, or jump back into your courses or monthly tasks.


Contact Checklists

All tasks related to a specific contact can now be found in that contact's checklist. Easily keep track of what you've done for every contact in your list!


Edit Your Website

PRO Users can now edit their website information right in the mobile app!


Saved Resources

Now you can save resources for quick and easy access.


Learn More

We've upgraded just about every part of the app. Have questions for how something works? Simply tap the info icon in the title of any screen for a quick explanation OR get info about everything Life Steps has to offer in our Help Center.


We hope you enjoy the new Life Steps App!

  • The Life Steps Team


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