How do I share a Resource with a Contact?

SHARING is a part of the PRO Subscription. Learn more about the PRO features here:


You can easily share Resources directly from the Resource itself:

  1. Navigate to the Resource you want to share.
  2. Tap the "SHARE WITH CONTACT" button.
  3. Use the search to type in the name of the Contact you want to send the Resource to then tap their name when it appears.
  4. Select what method you would like to use to share.
  5. (Optional) Attach a Custom Message. Custom Messages allow you to insert pre-written messages you've save so you don't have to write the entire note every time. Learn more about Custom Messages here:
    How can I write my own message when I share something?
  6. The app you've selected to send the message from will open, the message and a link to the Resource will appear in the message body. Now just send it!


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